Maximum freshness by way of refrigeration


The product environment and the facilities for fruit and vegetables are demanding and varied. We believe in maintaining the quality of your products. That is why we have all the sorting, wrapping and packaging activities performed in a cooled space. Once your consignment has been packaged and labelled as per your instructions at Cool Port Rotterdam, we can place it in cold storage for you. We are the in-house packaging station in this enormous cool and frozen food store. After all, you save on transport handling costs as a result of having all these activities efficiently performed under one roof!


Rotterdam is the first port of call for many intercontinental fixed routes. The rapid and careful transhipment of this harbour excels in speed and reliability. Once a cooled container has arrived, there is no need for it to be moved to a location on land. Instead, it remains on this sustainable location, which has all the required packaging and cooling facilities.

Are you interested in keeping your head and your products cool?

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In addition to the transport of cool and frozen products by way of refrigerated container, we also provide specialised refrigerated transhipment of fruit and vegetables. For cooled products, the time saved by transporting them via Rotterdam is extremely beneficial, as your customer will receive the products in optimum and super fresh condition. Our team is at your service!

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